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Looks We Love

We like to think of our creations as timeless and season-less, looking past the idea of fast fashion, and honing in on our craft and message to the world. Due to the versatility of our pieces, you can find a way to wear it at any time of the year. Silk is a breathable fabric, and has been found to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.



100% Habotai Silk

This means that the silk thread from the worms cocoon is broken, allowing the moth inside to be free, rather than boiling the cocoon to have one strand of raw silk. Habotai silk joins together the fragments of raw silk thread and is still as luxurious, soft + strong as ever (just like me + you).



100% Botanically Dyed

Our silks are stuffed with a range of natural materials such as fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, spices and more. Learn more about our dye process here.