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We hand-dye silk as a self soother for stress and anxiety to empower women in the workplace.

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"I just picked up the silks I ordered and I'm so amazed and happy and impressed by your talent!!! Thank you so much - They're so perfect and make me just that much happier to wake up and go to work. I'm obsessed! It's so special the way something so simple can connect people so well!"

–Raissa Xie, CA



As a company, brand and friend, we have moved our business to be as sustainable as possible, from sourcing our silk from ethical companies, to supporting 5-family co-ops in Peru by purchasing their cochineal. We are learning more and more everyday about sustainability, and every step we take truly lights a fire in our heart. Our goal is to give you something unique, honest and intentional. For us, that's 100% plant-dyed silk to help soothe your mind from stress and remind you of your true worth and individuality.




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Madder Root

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