Kylee Barnard naturally dyes silk as a self soother for stress and anxiety to empower women in the workplace.


My name is Kylee Barnard, the founder and designer of Silk Diaries. When I was young, I had a habit of rubbing the silk trim of my baby blanket on my face to ease my anxious mind. My whole life I wanted to be known as a woman that embodied love, strength and happiness, but my anxiety was gripping me. I started to observe my behaviors, learned my triggers and what helped me cope. I needed comfort in the times of panic. I needed a reminder of my self-worth. A little luxury. It all came back down to silk.

I founded Silk Diaries with the belief that everyone is winging it.  Unfortunately, women can often experience more trouble in the workplace than men. This made me realize that I wasn't dyeing silk for myself, as much as I was doing it to connect to other intelligent women in a versatile way.

Silk is pound-for-pound tensile strength greater than industrial steel. It is representative of the unparalleled strength and softness that exists in the femininity of woman-kind. I use Habotai silk, which tightly joins together the fragments of individual fibers, so it is naturally resistant to rips or tears. This is representative of the power of community and how YOU can use vulnerability as a vehicle for confidence and strength. The protein structure allows it to resist soils and odors, and it will absorb color quickly and can showcase rich hues. Although, much like us, it will grow and evolve over time. I hope that you embrace this evolution, like you do your own.