Lavender Pillowcase

Lavender Pillowcase


Silk helps keep moisture close to the skin, and we all know that healthy, hydrated skin is what keeps those wrinkles away. BABY FACES FOREVER. Your hair can also benefit from silk as it slides against the smooth surface instead of knotting up (thanks, cotton). Ours are made from the best 16.5mm Charmeuse silk, patterned on a standard pillowcase and sewn with silk thread. Please be mindful that with natural dyeing, every pillowcase will be slightly different. We love them for their imperfections.

Dyed with Blueberries and Strawberries.

  • Standard Pillowcase–21" x 32"Including a 3.5" hem 

  • 100% Botanically Dyed Charmeuse Silk

  • Hand-dyed by Kylee Barnard.

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