Lyla Kimono

Lyla Kimono


Dyed with various flowers and avocado skins + pits.

What if we obsessed about the things we loved about ourselves? Women should be able to walk into a room with complete confidence–and this starts with yourself. Our kimono is 100% mulberry silk and botanically dyed setting you up to feel good about what you’re wearing while looking good too (!) The silk will graciously glide across your body, plus it's versatile! Wear this piece dressed up for a night out or dressed down in your home with a glass of wine. Take your pick, or take both ;)

  • 100% mulberry silk

  • One size

Benefits of Silk

Silk is a natural body temperature regulator. Silk thread contains natural proteins and 18 amino acids that are then tightly spun together, more specifically, the habotai silk fiber we use joins together the fragments after the silkworm breaks free of the cocoon. It helps retain heat in cold weather and dissipate heat in warm weather, allowing your body to maintain a natural and comfortable temperature. Not to mention it's hypoallergenic making it a perfect fabric for those with sensitive skin! It even helps reduce hair breakage and maintain hair moisture! AKA our botanically dyed silk scarves are perfect year round, whether it's around your neck or in your hair. Silk is pound-for-pound tensile strength greater than industrial steel. It is representative of the unparalleled strength and softness that exists in the femininity of woman-kind. The protein structure allows it to resist soils and odors, and it will absorb color quickly and can showcase rich hues. Although, much like us, it will grow and evolve over time. We hope that you embrace this evolution, like you do your own.

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