The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, 
and existence, especially when considered as an academic 


I am Strong.
I am Capable.
I am Willing. 



Imagine if we obsessed about the 
things we loved about ourselves.


Facilitating the ladies of IBM Studios 
Austin in conjunction with Spare Time.


A portion of our proceeds go to ACLU!

When I was young, I had a habit of rubbing a silk blanket on my face to ease my anxious mind. My whole life I wanted to be known as a woman that embodied love, strength and happiness, but my anxiety was gripping me. I started to observe my behaviors, learned my triggers and what helped me cope. I needed comfort in the times of panic. I needed a reminder of my self-worth. A little luxury. It all came back down to silk.

I founded Silk Diaries with the belief that everyone is winging it.  Unfortunately, women can often experience more trouble in the workplace than men. This made me realize that I wasn't dyeing silk for myself, as much as I was doing it to connect to other intelligent women in a versatile way. I founded Silk Diaries to form camaraderie across the world. Instead of picturing people in their underwear, wear something silk.


We hand-dye silk as a self soother for stress and anxiety to empower women in the workplace.


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