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Credit just because.

"One cool thing about the internet and social media is that it's never been easier to cheer each other on. When people make great things we get to tell them good job and even do it in public if we feel like it. Maybe I'm just extra aware of it as a person who makes stuff, but it goes a long way to independent artists when we give them credit just because. With that said, I want to present you with one of my current favorite things--my indigo silk scarf from @silkdiaries.co. I wear it on the daily. Way to go Kylee."
-Becky Simpson, TN

*hair flip*

"I bought two and they really do make you feel empowered! Everyone at work knows I'm going to be sassy if I'm wearing it."
-Summer Moore, TX.


"The scarves are beautiful!! I bought three and they are so unique and lovely! Love how soft and lightweight they are - very comfortable to have on all day. Really beautiful, affordable, and not to mention I love what it stands for... highly recommend!"
-Blakeley Knox, TN.

What's cooler than being cool?

"So perfect! Colors are beautiful! Scarf is soft, not itchy or hot. I barely even realize it's still around my neck. I've gotten so many compliments on the uniqueness of the artwork! Will definitely reorder!"
-Crysta Rappleye, TX.

Dress it up, Dress it down.

"It is absolutely beautiful and everything I had hoped for! It easily dresses up simple tops or holds my hair back while I'm teaching with a little more flair than the average bun! Love it! Thank you!!!"
-Kaitlyn Wright, TX.

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