hand dyeD silk bandanas as a self soother for stress and anxiety to empower women in the workplace.

When I was young, I had a habit of rubbing a silk blanket on my face to ease my anxious mind at bed time. Long story short, I’ve been struggling with self love and self confidence. But I wanted to be known as a woman that embodied love, strength and happiness. So I started to observe my behaviors. I learned what my triggers were and what helped me recover. I was able to start breaking the grid my brain was used to. But I still needed comfort. I needed a reminder. So how might I provide comfort to myself in order to feel more confident? It all came back down to silk. As I wore the bandanas to work, people began to notice and internalize my story. I then realized that this pain point I identified in myself is also being felt by so many other women. The goal is to bring camaraderie to women.  #LoveU #LoudAndProud #GirlGang